About us

SovietCaliber is a proud part of the VintageCaliber-Family.

VintageCaliber is specialized in Vintage Watches and has sold over 600 collectible timepieces to happy customers around the world, since its beginning in 2013. With our expertise, we not only sell and buy watches, but we also guide and consult our longterm customers with purchasing decision and all questions regarding vintage horology.

Over the last 5 years in the business, we noticed that the great Soviet Watches aren't getting the attention they deserve. We love all kind of Vintage Watches, as long as they have historical relevance and bring us joy. This was reason enough for us to dedicate an entire section of our business to this niche-segment of the watch market. We want to show the variety and charm of Soviet Watches to the world!

Of course, our customers can expect the identical professional service, care, and expertise they have gotten used to from VintageCaliber. To ensure even better service we have teamed up with a European Watchmaker that has specialized in Soviet Watches and has worked in this field for many years. 

Despite their totally different style and background story, SovietCaliber's and VintageCaliber's watches share the same home and get treated by us with the same amount of care and appreciation. Now we're working on making the rest of the world care and appreciate Soviet Watchmaking.