FAQ - Warranty & Refund

The watch stopped working, what can I do?

Every watch we sell comes with an international one-year technical warranty. In the unlikely event of a technical issue, we will guide you thru the shipping process. Of course, there will be no shipping costs for you.


Would it be a problem if I reside outside the European Union?

Usually, this is not a problem. In case of a warranty issue, we will help to arrange shipping properly in order to avoid any troubles with customs.


I have a local watchmaker, can I have him repair the watch?

The repair has to be performed by our in-house watchmakers. Unfortunately, in any other case, we can not reimburse you.


What are the limitations of the warranty?

Our warranty covers defects due to faulty workmanship, subject to normal conditions of day-by-day use. Due to age, value and often fragile design, certain limitations are applied according to warranty section of our Terms & Conditions. Among them are:

  • Humidity damage - we can not guarantee any kind of water or humidity resistance. Even those timepieces that were engineered as waterproof (like for example Rolex Datejust) and then properly serviced by our in-house watchmakers replacing all the seals do not have a warranty against humidity damage. In other words, you should not dive, swim, work with water, walk under heavy rain with uncovered watch etc. Serious sweating during sports activity or severely hot weather may also present a certain risk for older watches with snap-on casebacks.
  • Sports activity / Shock impact - Many watches from the 40-s and older do not have shock protection devices. It means that significant shock impact or vibration can damage fragile and what more important very hard-to-find parts of the escapement. You can see if the watch you are interested in is shock-proof in the Movement section of the description. Warranty doesn't cover any damages caused by unusual shock or vibration impacts.
  • Timekeeping limitations - we guarantee that the watch is working and adjusted to its' best if we performed the service. However, given the age and design of certain movements range of timekeeping accuracy may differ. For example Rolex chronometers after our service and adjustment run according to COSC specs, while average chronograph with serviced and adjusted Valjoux 22 movement may show difference up to +/- 15 seconds a day, depending on conditions of use. Even though we are trying our best to achieve best results during service and adjustment, timekeeping can’t be guaranteed, as it may naturally vary a lot due to multiple circumstances (like the way of use, temperature, humidity, wear of original movement parts etc.) Please, read more about the precision of vintage watches in the relevant section of the FAQ.
  • Temperature and chemical impact



I have scratched my watch! Can you help?

Our warranty doesn't cover scratches on the watch or the crystal. We still are able to help you with this. Of course, this service will come at an additional cost.


Can I return the watch?

We offer a 14 day inspection period. After confirmed delivery, you have the chance to figure out if the watch meets your expectations or not. If you choose not to keep the watch, we will refund you within maximum 10 working days, provided the watch safely returned and condition and delivery set are unaltered. The initial shipping and returning costs and the importing fees (if applicable) can not be reimbursed.


Can you help me with a different question?

We would be happy to assist you with further questions. Please always feel free to contact us.